New York Central 1938 Timetable

Despite declines in rail passenger travel after 1920, the New York Central in 1938 still operated a dozen trains a day each way between New York and Chicago, plus at least four a day between New York and St. Louis and three a day between New York and Montreal. Shorter routes included Detroit to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati to Toronto (partly over Canadian Pacific), and Chicago-Cairo.

Click image to download a 24.4-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

Although the cover doesn’t say so, this timetable is far from complete as the New York Central published separate timetables for its major subsidiaries, including the Boston & Albany, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (“Big Four“), Michigan Central, and Pittsburgh & Lake Erie. For example, although the centerfold map shows a prominent line between Chicago and Cincinnati, there are no sign of any trains on that route in this timetable. Yet at the time, the Big Four operated five trains a day each way between Chicago and Cincinnati.

Click image to go to a web site that has numerous New York Central timetables.

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