More B&O Postwar Blotters

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection were all published after World War II, but probably later than yesterday’s blotters. Click any blotter image to download a PDF of that blotter. Click other images for a larger view of that image. The PDFs are about 0.3 to 0.6 megabytes in size.

This blotter advertises the use of Diesel locomotives instead of steam on the Capital Limited, Columbian, and Shenandoah. Since it doesn’t describe the Columbian as “new,” the blotter must be from before 1949 when that train was re-equipped with streamlined cars.

B&O inaugurated the “new” Columbian in 1949. This was B&O’s only all-new train after the war. The original Columbian, a coach-only companion to the all-Pullman Capital Limited, began operating in 1931.

In this jaded era, it is hard to imagine that many would consider Washington DC a “dream vacation.” But 1951 was a more innocent time, and B&O ran the following advertisement in the Chicago Tribune. Determining if these blotters are from 1951 or a year or two before will depend on whether anyone can find a 56-page “Washington Travel Guide” from that year.


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  1. My family and I took one of those Chicago to Washington trains. It was 1954 and I was eight years old so my memory is imperfect. We lived in the southern suburbs of Cleveland, and I remember we had to drive to Akron to get the train. The dome car really stands out in my memory, as does visiting the Lincoln Memorial at night. I believe it was in July, and it was blazing hot in Washington. We stayed in one of the hotels that had a view of the Capital. I wish I could remember the name, but all I remember is the radio took nickels if you wanted to listen, and a small fan was all there was in the way of A/C. I do remember Washington as being inspiring, even at my young age. I certainly would never have imagined that Washington would be considered a dangerous city to visit. I have been back several times as an adult, and each time I felt more unsafe walking anywhere away from the capital area. Very sad.


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