Wabash 1964 Timetable

Between 1959 and 1964, the Wabash timetable shrank from a 16-page booklet to a four-panel brochure. The timetable still showed trains on the same routes as in 1959, but services on most of them were reduced. Surprisingly, the Centralia-Columbia passenger and two mixed trains survived in 1964, as did the two St. Louis-Detroit trains. There is also a new train that appears to be a commuter train over the 23 miles from Orland Park to Chicago once each weekday morning and returning each weekday afternoon.

Click image to download a 2.5-MB PDF of this 16-page timetable.

However, the St. Louis-Omaha train was cut back to St. Louis-Council Bluffs. The overnight “Midnight Limiteds” from Chicago to St. Louis and St. Louis to Kansas City disappeared completely. Wabash continued to operate the City of Kansas City until February, 1968, and the City of St. Louis until August, 1968. When the latter train ended, Union Pacific renamed its share of that train that operated from Kansas City to Denver City of Kansas City, which must have confused a few people who were used to taking a train of that name from Kansas City to St. Louis.

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