Nacionales de Mexico 1962 Timetable

As of 1962, when this Spanish-language timetable was published, Nacionales de Mexico (NdeM) operated most of the rail lines in Mexico, but not those in the northwestern part of the country. United States residents who wanted a rail journey to Mexico would find NdeM trains at Ciudad Juarez (opposite the border from El Paso) or Nuevo Laredo (opposite the border from Laredo). Page 2 of this timetable specifically advertises the railroad’s connection with the Missouri Pacific at Laredo on trains 1 & 2, the Aguila Azteca.

Click image to download a 27.3-MB PDF of this timetable.

People who wanted to take a train from Calexico (not far from San Diego) or Nogales (south of Tucson) would have to take other railroads in 1962: the Ferrocarril Sonora Baja California from Calexico and the Ferrocarril del Pacifico (the former Southern Pacific of Mexico) from Nogales. Although the latter was government-owned in 1962, it was not combined with NdeM until 1984, while the former was taken over by NdeM in 1987.

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