1949 Banff Bow River Valley Menu

Like yesterday’s menu, this one was used in the Alhambra Room of the Banff Springs Hotel. In fact, the interiors of the menus are identical, both being dated August 29, 1949.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this menu.

The cover photo shows a magnificent view of the Bow River Valley from one of the hotel terraces, with a “medicinal” hot springs pool in the foreground and the golf course in the background on the right. The golf course remains, but the crescent-shaped pool has been replaced with a smaller rectangular one, though the crescent still exists as shown on the aerial photo below.

You can see the entire hotel in the Google map below.

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1949 Banff Bow River Valley Menu — 1 Comment

  1. I actually swam in that gently medicated pool. It must have been 1968 or 1969. My wife and I spent a month and drove from Vancouver to Montreal. It was a great trip. The Canadian dollar was cheap then – something like 70 cents US, so everything was a bargain to US citizens. I think the room cost us something like $4.00 a night, and it was the most expensive place we stayed on our trip.

    That pool was only about three feet deep, and they weren’t kidding about the sulphur. The stench was really overwhelming. There’s a reason the menu picture and the Google Earth picture don’t show anyone in the pool. About 10 minutes was all I could take. There were some elderly ladies laying around the “shallow” end that looked pretty happy though. Now that I’ve got about 45 more years under my belt, I imagine that water would have felt better than what I remember.


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