1949 Banff Indian Days Menu

Unlike the previous Indian Days menu, which was used aboard the Mountaineer‘s dining car, this menu is from the Alhambra Room of the Banff Springs Hotel. Today, that room is used as a meeting room rather than a restaurant.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu is only a little more elaborate than a dining car menu of that period. While a 1953 dining car menu had six table d’hôte entrées, the hotel menu has seven. The dining car menu also had 13 a la carte entrées (counting “charcoal broiled salmon, halibut, or lake trout” as three entrées); the hotel menu has fourteen. But the hotel menu has ten desserts plus four kinds of ice cream, while the dining car menu has just four desserts plus one kind of ice cream. A table d’hôte meal with any entrée is $3, about $24 in today’s money.


1949 Banff Indian Days Menu — 1 Comment

  1. Hmm…the sweet bread saute and steak were the same price on the ala carte side. I’d really hate to pass up those sweet breads but I guess I’d have to go for the steak today. I’m assuming all the prices were in Canadian dollars. I’d have to look to see what the exchange rate was in 1949 but the Canadian dollar was always below par with the US dollar up through the 70’s at least, so the prices may have been cheaper than they first appear.


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