Canadian Pacific 1962 Timetable

This summer timetable uses the same cover art as the 1961 edition and, like that version, is just 36 pages long. In contrast to the 1961 CN timetable, which was 68 pages, CP’s timetable had shrunk from the 68 pages needed for the winter, 1957 timetable.

Click image to download a 25.1-MB PDF of this timetable.

In addition to the Canadian, the timetable lists the Dominion as a “scenic-dome train,” but the equipment listing indicates Skyline coach-cafe domes were used on the Dominion only before June 28 and after September 3, and then only between Montreal and Winnipeg. Meanwhile, Skyline domes were also used on the overnight Atlantic Limited between Montreal and St. John, New Brunswick. The timetable also seems to indicate that dome-observation cars and dome-coaches (probably Skyline cars with the cafe not operating) were used on some Montreal-Qu├ębec City trains.

CP originally purchased 18 Skyline domes and 18 Park-series observation domes in 1954, which were enough to provide daily dome service on the Montreal-Vancouver and Toronto-Sudbury sections of both the Canadian and Dominion. The railway may have eliminated domes from the Dominion or limited them to Montreal-Winnipeg in order to provide domes on the Atlantic. Of course, that meant that the domes were used in less scenic areas and (in the Atlantic‘s case) mostly after dark.

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