The Finest Train to the Pacific Northwest

Here are some pretty blotters that GN used to advertise the Oriental Limited in 1925. Green blotters show the interior of a section sleeper while tan blotters show the train’s dining car. Otherwise, the blotters have different text and some seem to be associated with GN agents in specific cities.

Click any image to download PDFs of the blotters, which range from 0.4 to 0.6 MB in size.

Noting that the Oriental Limited is the “finest train to the Pacific Northwest,” this blotter was handed out by GN’s “travel headquarters” on 4th and Jackson Streets in St. Paul. Located a block west of St. Paul Union Depot, 4th and Jackson was the location of the Railroad and Bank Building that James J. Hill had built to be the headquarters for the GN, NP, and the First National Bank, which he also controlled (and which formed the nucleus for what is now called US Bank).

This blotter has the same text as the previous one but has the picture of the dining car.

This one looks similar to the sleeping car blotter but lacks the “finest train to the Pacific Northwest” slogan. Though the blotter gives a time for when the train departs Spokane, it seems to have been issued for the GN agent in Sioux City, Iowa.

This one has the same text as the Sioux City blotter but seems to be for the GN agent in Spokane. The address doesn’t say Spokane, but Spokane has a Davenport Hotel that provided the finest lodgings in the Inland Empire and was a likely place for a downtown railway ticket office.

This blotter, for GN’s agent in Los Angeles, is the only one that focuses on Glacier Park as it attempts to attract southern California residents to take the “cool comfortable way East” in the days before air conditioning.

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