Union Pacific to Disneyland

This 1964 breakfast menu for the City of Los Angeles features Disneyland’s Main Street, which is the second thing visitors would see after entering the park. UP wouldn’t want to include the first thing they would see: the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railway, the train around the park that was co-branded by UP competitor Santa Fe. Unstated on the menu is the then-little-known fact that Walt Disney himself had an apartment above the firehouse, the building in the center of this photo, where he often stayed to watch the operation of his park.

Click image to download a 2.0-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu itself has seven complete breakfasts and many of those come with several options. “Ham, bacon, or sausage with one egg or minced ham with scrambled eggs.” “Two eggs, boiled, fried, scrambled, or shirred.” “Roast beef hash or corned beef hash with poached egg.” All of the breakfasts came with fruit, juice, or cereal, toast or muffins and jam, and a beverage.

Click image to download a 0.4-MB PDF of this postcard.

Here’s a postcard with the same photo as the menu. Both the menu and the postcard mention that UP passengers can get off the train at East Los Angeles and take a Union Pacific bus straight to the Disneyland Hotel.

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