Olympian Hiawatha Brochure

This is a more plebeian version of the elegant color brochure issued about this train. Like the postcard, but unlike the color brochure, the black-and-white image on the cover of this brochure just has one train rather than two trains passing one another.

Click image to download a 4.8-MB PDF of this brochure, which unfolds to be 9″x24″.

Where the color brochure is dated May, 1947, a month before the train entered service, this black-and-white version is dated April 10, 1947. All of the illustrations in this one can be found in the much-longer (20 pp.) color one.

Curiously, the black-and-white brochure devoted a little more space to a photo and description of the trucks on which the passenger cars rode. “The specially designed trucks are a Milwaukee Road development that further reduces sideway and provides a smooth, vibration-free ride,” says the brochure. “Hiawatha innovations have included such items as hydraulic shock absorbers, multiple coil springs and anti-sway stabilizers.” This probably didn’t mean much to most members of the traveling public, but according to Jim Scribbins, Milwaukee’s passenger cars offered the most comfortable rides of any railroad.

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