Vacations Without Vexations

This brochure offered Los Angeleans a seven-day, eight-night escorted tour of Yellowstone Park. The tour included a full day each at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Escorted tours left L.A. every other Saturday in late June, July, August, and early September, 1930, for a total of seven tours.

Click image to download a 3.6-MB PDF of this three-panel brochure which opens up into a 24″x9″ sheet.

The cost for the entire tour, including transportation with a lower berth, lodging at Yellowstone hotels, and all meals, was about $140, or about $1,600 today. Travelers could save $9–about $100 today–by staying in Yellowstone lodges instead of hotels. The lodges were generally located a little further away from sights and restaurants and some had plainer architecture.

I don’t have a 1930 UP timetable, but judging from this 1927 timetable, travelers rode the Los Angeles Limited from L.A. to Salt Lake City. They probably rode a train called the Yellowstone Special from Salt Lake to West Yellowstone.

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