Pacific Northwest-Canadian Rockies Tour in 1963

This companion to the Pacific Northwest-Calfornia tour brochure outlines one 14-day tour. Starting in Chicago, the estimated cost of the tour is about $280 coach (about $1,700 today), $370 roomette (about $2,200 today) including lodging, train and bus transportation (but not taxis to hotels in Seattle, Vancouver, and Winnipeg), but only 11 out of 42 meals.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this 4-page brochure.

The tour began on the Empire Builder to Portland, where travelers took a bus tour up the Columbia River Highway, then a train to Tacoma and a bus to Mt. Rainier. After two nights in Mt. Rainier, they spent a day (two nights) in Seattle, then took a ferry to Victoria, where they were allowed just a four-hour visit before taking another ferry to Vancouver.

After a tour of Vancouver, they left on the Canadian for the Rockies. This included two nights at Lake Louise and a night in Banff, followed by the Canadian to Winnipeg. After a day in Winnipeg, they took the overnight Winnipeg Limited to St. Paul, followed by the morning Zephyr to Chicago.

This was all just a suggestion, and travelers were free to extend their stays in some cities or make other changes such as stopping over at Glacier National Park (which isn’t even mentioned in the brochure). The brochure also advises that people can stay at “less pretentious hotels . . . for about $27 less” (about $160 today).

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