Over the Trails

This 1913 booklet was previously posted here as a download from archives.org. This scan, however, is of somewhat higher quality (and requires four times as much memory).

Click image to download a 20.1-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet.

As noted in that earlier post, the Great Northern invited several newspaper travel writers to tour Glacier and encouraged them to write about their experiences. This booklet was written by Tom Dillon of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and illustrated with Fred Kiser photos and cartoons by Billy Ireland, a cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch who also toured Glacier in 1912.

Click image to see a larger view.

Published a year after Dillon’s book, the above ad invites people to “walk through the Park at a cost of $1 to $5 per day” (about $20 to $100 today) or to stay at the Glacier Park Hotel on the American plan (meaning meals are included) for $3 to $5 per day ($60 to $100 today). Individual one- to seven-day tours by auto, boat, stage, and horseback average about $7 per day ($140 today).

The ad appeared in The World’s Work, a magazine that was published from 1900 to 1932. Copies of this magazine are available at archive.org, but I haven’t downloaded them to find this particular ad. However, it appears to have many interesting articles about railroads.

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