Great Northern Note Pad

Here’s a note pad that features the Great Northern’s version of the “ship and travel” theme used on note pads by many other railroads–enhanced with GN’s frequent use of the word “Great.” The tiny numbers and “Made in U.S.A.” at the bottom make me wonder if this note pad is a replica. A Northwest rail fan once printed replicas of on-board stationery and added similar numbers so that those in the know could distinguish them from the real thing.

Click image to download a PDF of one sheet of this note pad.

Such numbers would be very unlikely on on-board stationery, which is designed to have a luxurious look-and-feel. They might be more appropriate on note pads, which are more utilitarian, though I haven’t seen any on note pads by any other railroads except the Northern Pacific. However, I’ve seen this style of note pad in enough different places to persuade me that it is authentic.

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