Guide to the Rocky Mountains

Like yesterday’s Rio Grande brochure, this one is undated. Unlike yesterday’s, the maps in this one include the Moffat Tunnel route, which dates it to after 1934. The Rio Grande initially only had trackage rights over the Denver and Salt Lake to Denver and didn’t acquire the latter road until 1947. Since the line to Craig is marked “D&SL,” this had to have been issued before 1947. But it is most likely from before the war.

Click image to download a 32.6-MB PDF of this 40-page brochure. Click here to download an OCR version.

Inside are dozens of small, black-and-white photos, mostly four to a page. But the brochure is dominated by written descriptions of points along all of the Rio Grande lines that had passenger service, including the Santa Fe line, the Silverton branch, and even such minor routes as the Ephraim-to-Nephi, Utah branch.

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