Welcome Aboard the Chief

In 1968, when this brochure was published, Santa Fe operated the Chief as a sort of counterpoint to the Super Chief: where the latter left Chicago and Los Angeles in the evenings, the Chief left in the mornings. The Chief was also one-and-a-half hours slower westbound and three hours slower eastbound.

Click image to download a 3.0-MB PDF of this brochure. Click here for an OCR version.

Except for the color, much of this brochure is almost identical to the San Francisco Chief brochure, right down to the tedious description of adjusting seats in the chair cars. One addition is a tiny ad indicating that Santa Fe now accepts credit cards, including BankAmericard (which became Visa) and Midwest Bank Card (which was folded into MasterCard).

By 1968, Santa Fe probably no longer included a separate lounge for first-class passengers. Instead, they shared the Big Dome lounge with coach passengers. The brochure notes that the lounge includes “a writing desk stocked with stationery,” which once was exclusively available to Pullman passengers.

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