Grand Canyon Outings

This 1941 booklet is about the same size, uses the same paper, and employes the same red tinting of black-and-white photographs as the California Picture Book. The red works only a little better than in the California book, and probably only for people who haven’t actually been to the Grand Canyon to know that the shades of red there are completely different than shown in this booklet.

Click image to download a 33.3-MB PDF of this 40-page booklet.

Several of the buildings shown in the booklet–Phantom Ranch on page 15, the Watchtower on 16, Bright Angel Lodge on 18, Hopi House on 23, Hermit’s Rest on 27–were designed by Mary Colter, an architect who worked for Fred Harvey. Colter also designed other hotels for Harvey, and decorated, but did not design, the El Tovar Hotel on the edge of the Grand Canyon. She also designed the MimbreƱo china and tableware for the Santa Fe Super Chief, a pattern so varied and fascinating that the china has been reproduced for rail fans (though, lately, not in the authentic colors).


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  1. I have an original early Southern Pacific artwork for either billboard or travel brochure. The piece is titled “GO.. Southern Pacific”. Your expertise is needed for any information on this piece. Thank you in advance.

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