1938 Glacier Park Photo Booklet

This booklet is full of enticing photos of Glacier National Park. There are only two photos of the Empire Builder and one of the station at East Glacier, all on page 2. The rest show scenes tourists in 1938 were likely to see on their visits to Glacier: lakes (3-5, 18-19, 21), waterfalls (pp. 6-7), fish & wildlife (8-9), Indians (10), glaciers (11), hotels (12-13), trails (14-15), and the Going to the Sun Highway (20).

Click image to download a 14.1-MB PDF of this 24-page booklet.

The booklet ends with a page of “suggested trips” and a map of the park on the inside back cover. Unlike some other brochures, there are no detailed tour itineraries or prices, suggesting the railroad wanted to use this booklet for more than one travel season.

Click image to download a PDF of these ads.

For what it’s worth, here are four half-page ads from various 1938 issues of National Geographic magazine. All feature Glacier Park, though they also mention the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, California, and other destinations. All include coupons to fill out and send to A.J. Dickinson, GN’s passenger traffic manager, for information on the destination of their choice. I wonder if people who asked for information about Glacier received this picture booklet in the mail.

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