Oregon Federation of Music Clubs Menu

This menu is undated, and because it was for a group that evidently paid a fare that included meals, the meals are unpriced. An ebay dealer dates the menu to “c. 1915,” probably based on the clothing styles worn by the two people on the cover.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

However, the Oregon Federation of Music Clubs was not formed until 1921, by which time these clothes were well out of style. In addition, four-color printing was rare in the 1910s, especially for something as ephemeral as a menu. I could be wrong, but I suspect the menu dates from no earlier than the 1930s and that the clothing styles (which look to me more 1890s than 1910s) are meant to evoke nostalgia.


Oregon Federation of Music Clubs Menu — 1 Comment

  1. The fact I’m happening to comment on this menu is not really significant. Yes, I do appreciate this menu, but have nothing to add to your comments except for the fact, perhaps, that I’m nostalgic about the fact diners during that era very likely ate their meals while gazing upon the white-on-white SP logo.

    I’d merely like to state, this site is just a wonderful compilation of one of my favorite aspects of mid-century (and, with this post especially, early-century) train travel. That is, you’re documenting the aesthetic–especially the graphically aesthetic–element. I travel now by train every chance I get. But what you’re documenting is, sadly, just gone. Last time I took a meal on a train, it was served on plastic, and the tablecloth was made of paper. It’s the best we can look forward to now.

    In any event, thanks very much. I look forward to every single post.

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