Soap Leaves

Here is a curious item, and not just because “soap leaves” have been replaced in modern life by wet wipes.

Click the image to download a PDF of the front and back of this little packet of soap leaves.

The image of the locomotive on the cover of the soap leaves has obviously been taken from the publicity photo of the locomotive in its as-delivered paint scheme. The angle is exactly the same, and the image of the engineer in the window and the shadows in the top headlight are unmistakable.

Some graphics artist not only had to colorize the photo, but replace the “The Great Northern” script with the revised stripes and centered goat logo as well as add a new headlight. They also replaced the deciduous trees in the background with conifers more likely to be seen in the far West, and for some reason changed the number of the locomotive from 504 to 500.

The second headlight, by the way, was a Mars light, which rotated in a figure-eight pattern to alert motorists and others who might be crossing a train track that a train was coming. The Mars light was invented by a Chicago fireman, but was fully developed by the family that owned the Mars candy company, who formed the Mars Signal Light Company to make and sell the lights.

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