Gold Coast Limited Stationery

As previous noted, in November, 1926, Union Pacific speeded up the schedules of the Overland Limited and Los Angeles Limited from 68 to 63 hours and supposedly completely reequipped both trains. At the same time, it inaugurated the Gold Coast Limited on the previous 68-hour schedule, no doubt using some of the equipment that was formerly on the Overland and Los Angeles limiteds. The Gold Coast split at Ogden to serve both San Francisco and L.A.

Click image to download a PDF of this envelope.

The 1926 ad below focuses on the new 63-hour trains but also mentions the “New Gold Coast Limited,” scheduled to leave Chicago just a few minutes after the faster trains. The ad also mentions the Continental Limited (which went to both SF and LA as well as Portland), the California Mail (to both SF and LA), and the Pacific Limited (San Francisco only).

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