Empire Builder Logan Pass Menu

This menu has the same cover photo as yesterday’s, but is for the Empire Builder instead of the Oriental Limited. Dated 1943, it’s selection of meals is similar to the 1949 Oriental Limited menu, but at far lower prices: $1.25 (about $17 today) for a Number One Plate Dinner as opposed to $2.25 ($22 today) in 1949.

Click image to download a 1.8-MB PDF of this menu.

As on the later Oriental Limited, Empire Builder passengers could mail their menus, with a message, in envelopes provided by the dining car steward. Below is such an envelope that may have been available for this menu or one like it. The back of the envelope has the slogan, “You go great when you go Great Northern.”

Click image to download a 0.9-MB PDF of the front and back of this envelope.

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