Another 1969 CZ Dinner Menu

Here’s a companion to yesterday’s menu, with the same date but featuring a photo of the train in the Colorado Rockies instead of the Feather River Canyon. Unfortunately, I had this menu in a frame for many years and some of the color has faded. Like the 1955 menu shown here previously, this one unfolds vertically.

Click image to download a 7.7-MB PDF of this menu.

Also like the 1955 menu, this one features Rocky Mountain trout on the menu. The fact that trout is on the menu with the Colorado scene on the cover while halibut is on the menu with the California scene on the cover lends support to the notion that this menu was used by the Rio Grande commissary while the other was used by the Western Pacific commissary. If so, what was on the cover of menus used by the Burlington commissary?

Other entrées on this menu include roast turkey; beef stroganoff; lamb chops; sirloin steak (on the table d’hôte side); and ham and eggs (on the a la carte side). Both today’s and yesterday’s menus also offer “plate dinners” consisting of an entrée with juice; rolls; whipped potatoes; vegetable; ice cream; and beverage. The entrées on the Colorado menu were cube steak or beef ragout; the California menu had Salisbury steak or chicken pot pie. At $3.60 (nearly $23 today), this was less than any of the table d’hôte meals, but doesn’t seem very attractive compared with a baked chicken or roast turkey dinner for just 40 cents more.

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