1969 California Zephyr Breakfast Menu

Although dated just nine months after yesterday’s menu, and printed on the same card stock, this menu is greatly abbreviated. It offers just three combinations: cereal or waffle with juice, bread, and beverage or just the juice, bread and beverage. The only hot items on the a la carte portion are coffee, hot chocolate, toast, toasted (i.e., frozen) waffle, and oatmeal.

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

Had the service in the famous California Zephyr dining cars fallen to this in the last few months before it was discontinued? Probably not. The menu is supposed to be the “buffet offering,” so I suspect this was the menu given to passengers having breakfast in the Cable Car Room, while the full diner still offered such things as ham and eggs, freshly made French toast, and possibly even breakfast steaks.


1969 California Zephyr Breakfast Menu — 1 Comment

  1. You’re correct. I rode the Zephyr in 1969 and the diner retained a pretty high level of food right up until the end. This menu was available in the Cable Car lounge from about 0500 until about 1100, so before and after the dining car was serving. Early and late risers could get some kind of abbreviated breakfast in the lounge car. People who didn’t want to pay the higher prices in the diner had the buffet as an option. As I remember, the continental type breakfast in the dine was about $1.50, so you could save anywhere from 20 to 70 cents depending on what you ordered. The lounge car also served alcoholic drinks in the morning, something you couldn’t get in the diner. There always seemed to be a few guys there in the early morning with coffee, donut, and a bloody mary. 🙂


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