CPR Children’s Menu

Children’s menus are interesting to people who love cute drawings of various animals, but less interesting to rail fans who want to see pictures of trains. This menu has both.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

The front has a large picture of beavers–a part of the Canadian Pacific’s logo–playing at what appears to be a children’s amusement park. The picture is signed “L.R. Batchelor,” a Canadian painter and illustrator of numerous books. Born in 1887, he must have painted this illustration near the end of his career as he died in 1961 and the back of the menu has a somewhat crude redo of the Chesley Bonestell illustration of the 1955 Canadian.

The menu, which has no date, offers four breakfasts, four lunches, and four dinners. Many of the actual meals are somewhat vague. The most expensive thing on the menu, for example, is “hot or cold meat selection” with fruit juice; mashed potatoes; vegetable; bread; ice cream or jello; and milk or cocoa for $1.60 (about $13 to $14 today assuming the menu is from 1955 to 1960). Presumably patrons could make their meat, juice, and other selections from the adult menu.


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  1. This must be some kind of error in the first breakfast selection. I don’t think they really gave you bowl of bread and milk, unless that was some kind of Canadian tradition for kids I’m not aware of.

    Choice of Fruit or Cereal
    Bowl of Bread and Milk

    The beavers playing at the carnival are all really cute. Real beavers aren’t so cute. They’ll eat your wood canoe overnight if you don’t keep it next to you while you sleep. They get pretty aggressive during mating season. If you’re between the boy beaver and the girl beaver, the boy beaver will bite and claw you to get you out of the way. They also smell really bad, and a lodge with a large family can be smelled a mile downwind. We always know when it was time for a portage when we smelled those danged beavers.


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