Streamlined Empire Builder Ticket Envelope

Here’s a used ticket envelope from the 1947 streamlined Empire Builder. The inner flap of the envelope has a photo of a spectacular mountain in Glacier National Park. The ticket agent wrote on the outer flap that the passenger spent $5.18 on a ticket for a train that left “GN Station” at 11:55 pm on January 30.

Click image to download a PDF of this envelope.

I have a summer, 1947 Great Northern timetable that someday I will post here. It doesn’t show an 11:55 pm departure for any train on the GN system, so this ticket must have been issued some other time. I did learn from the timetable that $5.18 was enough to get a passenger from Fargo to Minneapolis or Fargo to Minot, and more than enough to get from Seattle to Portland or Seattle to Vancouver, BC.

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