Mt. Eisenhower Pooled Train Lunch Menu

“Known, since its discovery in 1857, as Castle Mountain, this magnificent landmark has been re-named “Mount Eisenhower” as Canada’s enduring tribute to General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower.” Not so enduring after all, as Canada changed the name back to Castle Mountain in 1979. Whatever it was called, CP no doubt hoped the photograph would inspire its eastern patrons to take a trip to the Canadian Pacific Rockies.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

In 1946, $1 (about US $11 today) would buy you an omelet, calf’s liver, veal cutlet with spaghetti, ox-tongue, or cold chicken and tongue with soup, potatoes, vegetable, bread, dessert, and beverage. For 85 cents, you could get grilled or fried fish with the same accompaniments except for the soup, while 75 cents provided a choice of salads plus bread, dessert, and beverage.

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