Québec: Where the Old and New Worlds Blend

As of 1952, when this booklet was issued, Canadian National had not yet graduated to four-color photos, which is odd both because rival Canadian Pacific used them as early as 1936 and because most of the pages in this booklet used at least three different colors (four on the covers) of ink for tinting and highlighting, meaning the addition of a fourth color wouldn’t have cost much. Despite this drawback, the booklet makes Québec appear very attractive for fishing, hunting, swimming, skiing, and sightseeing.

Click image to download a 34.7-MB PDF of this 30-page booklet.

The only untinted pages are a fold-out glued to the inside back cover listing more than 500 “tourist accommodations in Québec resort regions reached by Canadian National Railways.” In addition to giving rates, the fold-out notes the distance between each resort or hotel and the nearest CN station, ranging between 40 yards and 11 miles.

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