Looking at England

In competition the London Midland & Scottish Railway’s Royal Scot between London and Glasgow, the London & North Eastern offered the Flying Scotsman. Written for Americans thinking of touring England and Scotland, this booklet has a five-page forward introducing British money and tourist facilities. Most of the rest are devoted to an essay by English travel writer Dell Leigh introducing various cities and sights seen from the Flying Scotsman, which Leigh claimed was “the world’s most famous train.”

Click image to download a 14.7-MB PDF of this 62-page booklet.

The inside back cover has a large fold-out map. There is no date on the booklet, and the last year mentioned in the text is 1927. As the war began in 1939 and the railroads were nationalized soon after the war, the booklet must have been issued sometime between 1928 and 1938. However, it’s possible that it was distributed at the same 1933 Century of Progress Exhibition that hosted the Royal Scot locomotive.

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