VIA 1996 CanRailPass

I didn’t use a CanRailPass for my 1996 trip on the Chaleur, but I may have considered a longer trip as I picked up this brochure about the pass. The pass was more restricted that the original VIA rail pass, which provided unlimited travel for 15, 22, or 30 days. In 1996, the pass offered 12 days of travel within a 30-day period.

Click image to download a 2.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

The price was lower to compensate for this restriction. In 1978, a 30-day pass during the high season was $350 ($1,278 today), while in 1996 the 12-days-out-of-30 pass was $535 ($785 today). Aside from the pass, most of this brochure is used to advertise connections such as Hertz rental cars, Choice Hotels, and Gray Line.

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