Speed. Style. Spirit. Rapid. Racé. Raffiné.

Prodded by the Canadian government to improve passenger service, Canadian National purchased several of the TurboTrains built by United Aircraft, and they were inherited by VIA. While Amtrak stopped running TurboTrains before VIA was even created, VIA kept running them until 1982.

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In 1978, I rode a TurboTrain from Montreal to Toronto. I appreciated the dome on the train’s power cars, which allowed passengers to look ahead as well as over the shoulders of the engine crew. Most of the passengers on the train were business travelers who seemed to care little about the views, so there were plenty of free seats in the domes.

Google translates “racé” as “race.” But Collins says it means “distinguished” and “classy.” However, “raffiné” means “refined,” not “spirit.” VIA was apparently more interested in alliteration than in preserving the meanings in both languages.


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