Amtrak 1974 Expo Postcard

In 1974, Spokane held an international exposition to celebrate the relocation of Burlington Northern and Union Pacific tracks from directly through to around the downtown area. Unfortunately, this also meant the destruction of two of the city’s three train stations, though they kept the clock tower from the former Great Northern station.

Click image to download a 456-KB PDF of this postcard.

This Amtrak postcard shows the exposition grounds on Havermale Island, where Great Northern had its station and yards. The clock tower is visible on the right side of the island.

Some friends and I went to this expo and and from there I bicycled to Glacier Park. I vividly remember camping by the railroad tracks in Idaho and seeing Amtrak’s Empire Builder and North Coast Hiawatha, replete with dome cars, zip by in the middle of the night.

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