L&NE Breakfast Menu

The London & North Eastern Railway was the result of a government-mandated 1921 merger of the Great Northern, Great Eastern, North Eastern, and four other railways. Among its famous trains were the Flying Scotsman. This menu doesn’t identify what train it was used on, but an ad for the “Empire Exhibition, Glascow” indicates that menu was printed in 1938.

Click image to download a 1.0-MB PDF of this menu.

The front cover has a painting by W. Russell Flint (1880-1963), a well-known Scottish artist whose florid works included many nudes that weren’t considered quite respectable. He nevertheless received a knighthood. The painting on this menu is respectable enough.

The menu itself offers a full English breakfast (or cold chicken and ham in place of eggs and sausage) for 4 shillings, which is about $15 today. An unspecified dessert was 6 pence, or about $2 today.

Click image for a larger view.

I was bicycling through Norfolk in August 2016 when I saw this London & North Eastern locomotive pulling a train on the North Norfolk Railway, one of the many rail preservation groups in Britain. I later rode some of their trains and highly recommend a visit to Sheringham if you happen to be in England.

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