Tesuque Valley Dinner Menu

The painting of Tesuque Valley, New Mexico, on the cover of this menu is by Sheldon Parsons, a New York portrait painter who painted such notables as William McKinley and Susan B. Anthony. When he contracted tuberculosis in 1913, he went to Santa Fe for the dry climate and fell so in love with the landscape that he never painted portraits again. The climate suited him, as he lived there for 30 more years. Parsons was one of the last painters in the Barbizon school, which was the favorite style of Great Northern founder James J. Hill.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu.

This menu has a date code of 8-11-1, which I suspect means it was issued in 1961. Near the date code, it also has the word “Valley,” which I suspect means it was used on the Golden Gate, which ran through the San Joaquin Valley. Before the Golden Gate, one of the trains on this route was called the Valley Flyer. The menu items are suitable for a secondary train rather than a premiere train such as the Super Chief or Chief.

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