NYC New Fall Schedules, 1948

This 4-page brochure announces new schedules for the new trains advertised in yesterday’s timetable. The back page includes condensed schedules for 21 trains between New York/Boston and Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, and other major cities.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

Nearly a whole page of this brochure is given to the “all-new” 20th Century Limited, which is described as “America’s only all-private-room premium-fare train between the Heart of New York and the Heart of Chicago–overnight every night–with never a business hour lost!” Pennsylvania’s post-war Broadway Limited wouldn’t arrive until 1949, but even the 1938 edition of that train was an all-private-room train, so I wonder in what way the Century was the “only” train that fit the brochure’s intricate definition. I also question the “never a business hour lost,” as the eastbound train did not arrive in New York until 9:30 am.

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