Southern Railway June, 1925 Timetable

Here’s a timetable from the end of the Golden Age of passenger trains. Though only half the size of most timetables, this one has 72 pages, the equivalent of 36 pages in a regularly sized table. The larger size would probably have been more legible, as many of the schedules in this one only show traffic in one direction, so travelers had to skip back and forth between pages to plan round trips.

Click image to download a 28.7-MB PDF of this timetable.

Southern certainly was a hopping railroad in 1925, having six trains a day each way between Washington and Birmingham, with four trains from Birmingham to New Orleans. There were also six trains a day each way between Cincinnati and Chattanooga, and four or more on several other routes. The narrow timetables have enough room to display four trains a day in each direction, but counting local trains some routes have as many as eight in each direction. For example, there are eight trains between Washington and Manassas and seven between Charlotte and Danville.


Southern Railway June, 1925 Timetable — 2 Comments

  1. Not so crazy. In that era, the railroads had many slow overnight trains between major cities so people could enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and not lose business time as they would if they took a day train. The train also probably handled mail at lots of stops so the railroad was able to earn revenues from two different sources.

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