Burlington May, 1951 Timetable

Burlington’s 1947 timetable featured a steam locomotive and a shovel-nosed Diesel on the cover. Three-and-a-half years later, the timetable has a shovel-nose and an E5 on the cover. Soon both sides would be E5s; I don’t believe there was a time when both sides were shovel noses.

Click image to download a 26.1-MB PDF of this 36-page timetable.

This timetable is filled with ads for zephyrs: the Twin Zephyrs on page 9; California Zephyr on page 11; Denver Zephyr on page 16; Silver Streak Zephyr on page 20; and the Nebraska Zephyr on page 22. The back cover simply invites people to “Go West. . . go Burlington!” One of the drawings on the back cover ad shows the streamlined ferry Kalakala in Puget Sound with a fluted, streamlined train in the foreground–which is out of place as none of the Northwest railroads used fluted equipment.

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