NP Pacific Northwest & Alaska Postcards

While much of NP’s advertising and postcards focused on Yellowstone, the end of its rails was in the Pacific Northwest so naturally it issued many cards from that region. Click any image to download a PDF of that postcard.

NP and GN subsidiary SP&S completed a line to Bend, Oregon in 1910. The photo on this postcard seems more oriented to attracting settlers than tourists. But the card was postmarked 1915 to Ema Gregg in Indiana from someone who says “I have seen lots of sites.”

Here’s another in Northern Pacific’s series of duotone postcards. The back refers to the “completely air-conditioned North Coast Limited,” which dates the card to 1937 or a bit later.

This card appears to have been issued about the same time (i.e., around 1930) as the Gustav Krollman cards of Yellowstone Park. The painting of Mt. Rainier is signed “Mettel,” who I suspect was Al Mettel. Some of Mr. Mettel’s landscape paintings were distributed by Brown & Bigalow of St. Paul, Minnesota, which of course was also NP’s headquarters.

Another in the same series of postcards from fine-arts paintings. This one of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier has no artist’s signature.

Finally, a chrome card showing Mt. Rainier in Reflection Lake. The card mentions vista domes so is from the late 1950s or 1960s.


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  1. I wonder what that big brown thing is on the first postcard? A big rack of hay, perhaps? I initially thought it was one of the Great Big Potatoes. 🙂

    Regards, Jim

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