Other NP Yellowstone Postcards

Here are some more Yellowstone postcards. Two of these are marked with the NP logo while the rest were made from photographs made for or copyrighted by the NP.

White Elephant Terrace is part of the Mammoth Hot Springs complex. The fact that it is white indicates that water is no longer running over this terrace.

This is an overview of part of the Norris Geyser Basin. This card was mailed in August, 1929, to someone in Amboy, Illinois. The writer was “having fine time seeing Yellowstone.”

The Sapphire Pool is at the north end of the Upper Geyser Basin in an area known as Biscuit Basin.

Located between Biscuit Basin and Old Faithful, Morning Glory is one of the most beautiful pools in Yellowstone. The Park Service warns that it is fading because tourists have thrown things into the pool, clogging its sources of hot water.

Punch Bowl is on the trail from Old Faithful to Black Sand Basin.

The West Thumb is a portion of Yellowstone Lake that sticks out like a thumb. We’ve already seen a postcard for the Lake Shore Geyser, which is in the West Thumb Geyser Basin. These paint pots are in the same area.

Bears can be found anywhere in Yellowstone, but when Northern Pacific issued this card–probably between 1910 and 1915–the Park Service was still letting bears eat in park garbage dumps. This photo of a black bear was probably taken in one of those dumps. To reduce bear-human interactions, which were dangerous to both, the dumps were closed in 1970.

This chrome card of someone fishing in Yellowstone Lake was issued by the NP in the vista-dome era.


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  1. We used to go to those dumps when I was a kid and we traveled to Yellowstone. There’s be about 20 bears chowing down on the trash. A bunch of tourists would sit in chairs or stand around and watch them, some from not very far away. I don’t recall any bear-human interaction but I’ll bet there were some. The closest we got was the guy in the next campsite over left food in his station wagon instead of storing it in bear boxes. Had the door of his station wagon peeled clean off. It was an impressive sight for an eight year old. I never looked at bears as cuddly after that.

    Regards, Jim

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