The Presidents of the United States

This 1950 booklet, with an associated sheet of stamps showing pictures of each of the presidents through Truman, would have been given to children riding a train. The children would then carefully separate the stamps and glue them in the proper places in the booklet, helping to occupy their time during more boring parts of the trip. Fortunately, someone has already done this for this booklet.

Click image to download a 12.4-MB PDF of this 36-page booklet.

In addition to a space for the picture of each president, each page includes a short biography of the president. This was followed by a brief description of their relationship to the railroads or, at least, the transportation system of their day. For example, John Adams’ page says, “It is not unlikely that on one of his visits to nearby Boston, President Adams witnessed on Beacon Hill the beginning of railway development in America—a crude tramway of wooden rails set two feet apart.”

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