Glamorous San Francisco in Color

Here’s another 1943 portfolio, like yesterday’s, from National Color Press. We’ve also seen a third one, Scenic Grandeur of the West, that was also dated 1943.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this folder.

It seems surprising that these portfolios were published in the midst of the war, as anything as frivolous as traveling for pleasure or catering to such travelers was frowned upon by the federal government. Yet every portfolio I’ve seen in this series appears to be dated either 1943 or 1944.

Click image to download a 32.1-MB PDF of these photos.

Unlike the other two portfolios, none of the photos in this one show Southern Pacific tracks or trains. That’s a bit of a surprise as SP had an elegant, Spanish-mission-style station near downtown San Francisco, shown in the postcard below, that served the Coast Daylights and other trains to San Jose and Los Angeles.

Click image for a larger view of Southern Pacific’s San Francisco depot on Third and Townsend.


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  1. Oh no! The dreaded “Page not found” error! I want to see those pictures. 🙂 Third and Townsend may have been an elegant station in its day. When I first saw it in 1965, it was a dump, and I mean, a real dump. I’m not usually in favor of demolishing train stations, but Third and Townsend was one that needed it.


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