University of Montana 1950 Breakfast Menu

Between 1950 and 1953, some Union Pacific menus featured photos of university campuses (or at least university administration buildings). I’ve seen two for Kansas and Washington, so if it had two for each state that it served, there would be 22 such menu covers–except that Wyoming only has one state university and I suspect the one shown here was only one for Montana.

Click image to download a 1.5-MB PDF of this menu.

The photo caption on this menu erroneously identifies it as Montana State University when in fact it is the University of Montana. In explanation, the cover text states, “the institution located at Missoula became known as the State University of Montana until 1935 when it was designated Montana State University by legislative act.” Today, Montana State University is in Bozeman, though in 1950 it was called Montana Agricultural College. While it’s possible, I can’t find any evidence for the claim that the Missoula campus was ever known as Montana State University.

Dated May 10, 1950, this particular menu says it was used on trains 17 & 18, the Portland Rose, and/or 85 & 86, a train known as the National Parks Special between North Platte and Denver. The menu has seven table d’hôte breakfasts, three combination breakfasts, and about a dozen a la carte entrées.

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