C&NW 1939 Timetable

The cover (which is the back cover) of this timetable shows the E2 Diesel locomotive jointly owned by C&NW, Union Pacific, and Southern Pacific, next to one of C&NW’s “steamlined” Hudson locomotives used for non-streamlined Chicago-Omaha trains, behind which can be seen one of C&NW’s non-streamlined Pacifics used for the Twin Cities 400. These three locomotives reflect the slogan that C&NW is the “route of the ‘400,’ the Streamliners and the Challengers.”

Click image to download a 57.0-MB PDF of this 68-page timetable.

Nine of the 68 pages are devoted to full-page ads for such things as the Golden Gate Exposition, C&NW diners, and Wisconsin and Sun Valley ski resorts. The timetable also has two maps: the standard, centerfold map showing the C&NW and its connections to the Pacific Coast, and, on pages 58 and 59, a close-up map showing just C&NW lines.

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