Milwaukee Road 1947-1939

This is an odd booklet, as it seems to commemorate the Milwaukee Road’s 92nd anniversary–which isn’t exactly a year that normally is cause for notice, at least not for corporations. Most of the interior text is in a typewriter font, suggesting that the booklet, which I scanned from the Spokane Public Library’s Northwest collection, was hastily slapped together by the company public relations department.

Click image to download a 35.5-MB PDF of this 64-page booklet.

Two world’s fairs were held in 1939, but this doesn’t look like the type of booklet that would be handed out to the public. Instead, it was probably given to newspaper editors and reporters.

The booklet contains a wealth of material, including state-by-state descriptions of the Milwaukee’s routes, a full page of text about the Hiawatha trains, pictures of past and present locomotives and past and present Milwaukee presidents, and a four-page list of the railroad’s predecessor companies. It also admits that the railroad paid no dividends in the previous 21 years, which it subtly blames on the “subsidized competition” in the form of the Panama Canal.

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