NYC 1965 Timetable

New York Central’s timetable has shrunk four more pages since the World’s Fair edition. The “system map” on the cover doesn’t even bother to show Central’s secondary routes such as lines to Cairo and Peoria, Illinois; Grand Rapids and Mackinaw, Michigan; Louisville, Kentucky; Charleston, West Virginia; or Montreal.

Click image to download a 12.8-MB PDF of this 20-page timetable.

The same magic that made it possible to have five New York-Chicago trains but six Chicago-New York trains in 1964 worked a little harder in 1965 so that there were only three westbound trains but still six eastbound. The Meal-a-Mat car that served the World’s Fair Special in 1964 operated on the New York-Buffalo Cayuga (with the same train numbers as the World’s Fair Special) in 1965.

This timetable was provided by a Streamliner Memories reader whose father was a railroad executive and who has graciously (but anonymously) shared many of the items his father collected with our readers.

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