The New England States in 1949

New York Central inaugurated the New England States in 1938 to provide Boston travelers with the same level of service to Chicago as the 20th Century Limited. Initially, the train used heavyweight equipment, but it was streamlined with Budd-built cars in 1949.

Click image to download a 6.0-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Initially, the streamlined train–like its heavyweight predecessor–was supposed to be all Pullmans, with the added bonus of being an all-room train with no open sections. But the Central appeared to have quickly learned that the Boston-Chicago market wasn’t as deep as the New York-Chicago one, so it added “luxury coaches” to the train, as noted on the front cover of this June, 1949 booklet.

The booklet is heavily illustrated with mostly monochrome portrayals of train interiors. At least a couple of the graphics–on pages 4 and 10–also appeared in color in NYC’s booklet about the 1948 20th Century Limited. Though the two trains were made by different manufacturers, similar floor plans and interior decorations made it possible to use the same illustrations for both.

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