Washington and Northern Idaho

This 1937 brochure was pitched to people wanting to relocate. It promises “farms for many” in a region with an “unrivaled future.” It lists livestock and crop production in terms of volumes and value, though the numbers are rather meaningless since they aren’t given per acre. It also gives a reasonably accurate assessment of the climate in various parts of Washington and northern Idaho. The brochure unfolds to 18″x22″ with the back devoted to a large map of the region.

Click image to download a 12.1-MB PDF of this brochure.

“It is in the Northwest where I expect American civilization, in many ways, to reach its maximum,” the brochure quotes J. Russell Smith, a pioneer in economic geography who taught at Wharton’s and Columbia University. “I expect that it will outstrip New York,” he added. If so, it hasn’t happened yet; Smith apparently overestimated the role of agriculture in the nation’s economic future.

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