Panoramic Views, 1950 Edition

By 1950, the Rio Grande no longer operated a train called the Panoramic, but it retained the name “Panoramic Views” in this updated brochure featuring streamliners and dome cars. As with the 1930s edition of the brochure, this one is undated, but it includes photos of dome cars that entered service in September, 1949, while the map still shows the Rio Grande Southern, which was abandoned in 1951, so the brochure dates pretty closely to 1950.

Click image to download an 8.5-MB PDF of this brochure.

Like the 1930s brochure, this one has about a dozen photos (11 scenic photos, two photos of passenger cars), but arranged differently. Also like the 1930s brochure, at least some of the photos appear to be hand-colored versions of black-and-white photos, though others, such as one of the Maroon Bells, appear to be color photos.

The back of the brochure consists of four large scenic photos bookended by two more photos of Rio Grande trains in the Royal Gorge and Glenwood Canyon. Skiing is apparently not yet a major activity in Colorado, as a photo of the Aspen area, as with the other photos, is taken in the summer.

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