C&NW 400 Cafe Car Menu

Dated 1960, half of this menu offers a variety of alcoholic beverages and the other half has a much shorter selection of dinners. The menu doesn’t say so, but it obviously was used in the train’s cafe car rather than the full diner.

Click image to download a 1.0-MB PDF of this menu.

For a $1.25 (a little over $10 in today’s money), passengers could have their choice of broiled fish, chopped round steak, or a combination salad bowl, all of which came with soup, bread, and a beverage. The fish and beef also came with potatoes and vegetables. Dessert was an extra 25 cents. These prices seem quite reasonable, especially considering many of the alcoholic drinks were $1.


C&NW 400 Cafe Car Menu — 1 Comment

  1. The booze was the same price two years later. I imagine this was in some type of club car given the much larger selection of alcoholic drinks but it’s odd no non-alcoholic drinks, even mixers, were on the list. There’s also not the usual cigars, cigarettes, playing cars, or aspirin.

    The menu doesn’t say anything about lunch, and most cafe car lunch menus had a couple sandwiches and, by 1960, a hamburger. This more looks like a cafe car version of dinner, and a pretty good dinner it was, especially compared to the 1962 dining car abomination. Even having to add a quarter for a hunk of pie or ice cream only bought it up to $1.50, and you didn’t have to settle for tapioca pudding. Broiled fish or a chopped round steak with all the fixings and beverage sounds pretty appetizing with pie for the price. A lot better deal that the $3.00 dinner in 1962.
    Regards, Jim

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