Progress in Power

Union Pacific handed out this brochure describing the road road’s history of locomotion on the railroad at the 1948 Chicago Rail Fair. Curiously, it doesn’t start with locomotive 119, which was present at the Last Spike ceremony, or any other 1869 locomotive, but with one built in 1874. Only two Diesels are included, a General Motors F3 and, the latest and greatest, a Fairbanks Morse H-10-44, a nearly forgotten locomotive of which UP purchased just five.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

One of the steam locomotives shown is an 1903 2-8-2, a wheel class that is known as a Mikado because the first purchaser was a Japanese railway. However, the war was still a sore point, so the brochure just says it was “originally designed for a foreign country in 1897,” and calls it a MacArthur-class locomotive.

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